Winfield's Chipotle & Lime Trout Tacos with Mango and Cucumber Salsa

Trout has always been one of my favourite water beasts. Very similar to Salmon but way less demanding of the spotlight. No chance of seeing a trout getting nailed by a Grizzly bear halfway up a river whilst Attenborough looks on with childlike wonder in his eyes. I also like Mango.

There seems to be a fascination in Norway with making awful Tacos. No offence. England is no different to be honest. Luckily there are no Santa Maria packs of spices here. It’s actually even easier than that. The only “exotic” ingredient is a Chipotle Chili, which you can pick up at a lot of specialist veg shops. Failing that, you’ll get it pre ground in a jar from most supermarkets.


Make your own guacamole too. I cannot stress this enough. It’s super easy and a fraction of the price of those ready made jars of luminous green stuff that you’d buy otherwise. I’ve seen that stuff used to hang wallpaper before. And bring down a Grizzly bear. Someone should tell the salmon.


Enjoy yourselves!


Chris Winfield

Vocalist in Casa Murilo

So this is what you need. Once you’ve prepared all your ingredients it all comes together pretty quickly!

For the fish

1kg trout (I had half a trout in the freezer which I used but fillets are fine)

1 Chipotle chili, ground up

½ tsp cayenne pepper



olive oil







For the salsa

1 mango

½ cup of chopped cucumber

¼ cup of red onion

a decent handful of chopped coriander

juice of 2 limes (plus a bit of zest)

½ red chili (you can remove the seeds if you think you can live with yourself for doing so)


1 avocado

olive oil

juice of 1 lime

1 garlic clove, crushed (optional)

½ red chili (optional. Use the leftover bit from the salsa)



sour cream

feta cheese

Turn the grill on to a medium/high heat. It has work to do.


Mix the cayenne pepper with the ground chipotle.


Get your trout (skinned and boned) and rub it both sides with the ground Chipotle mixture, salt and pepper. Squeeze the lime juice all over it and, from above, ruthlessly bombard with the zest. Its probably looking delicious already, right?


Brush each side with a little olive oil and heroically put it in under the grill. Probably 4-5 mins each side.


Heat up a frying pan on the hob, the tortillas will need warming very soon.


Take the chopped mango, cucumber, chili & red onion and lay their souls to rest in a salad bowl. Season with a little salt and then add the lime juice and chopped coriander. Easy.


You should probably flip that trout about now.


At this point I start warming the tortillas. I think they’re best heated quickly in a hot, dry frying pan. 15-20 seconds each side. Once they’re done, cover them in foil so they stay hot.


With the fish and tortillas both on their way to being done, start on the guacamole. I always love the uncertainty of opening an avocado. You can squeeze it all you like in the shop but it isn't until you cut it open that you truly know if your pear is ready to fulfil its destiny.


Mash up the avocado and add a little garlic, chili, olive oil lime juice, zest and coriander. A touch of sour cream can be good too if you roll that way. Season with salt and pepper.


Check your fish. If it’s done then remove from the grill and use a fork to flake it into smaller pieces. An extra splash of lime juice is a good idea too.


My favourite thing about this kind of food is the informality of it all. Just throw everything on the table and dig in. There’s no need for knives and forks here.


Take a warm tortilla and fill it with the trout, mango salsa, guacamole & sour cream. Top with feta and enjoy.

Håper det smaker.


I was feeling pretty good whilst cooking this and the smell of lime was making the whole kitchen smell like summer so I was drinking white rum & tonic with lime juice. I don’t even know if that’s a proper drink but it was delicious enough for me. I’d recommend giving it a go.



Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ latest album was the perfect accompaniment to this dinner. I have this huge butcher’s apron that looks a lot like a dress so any music that let’s me twirl is a good thing.

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