Musikk i Skolen – 'Music at Schools' 

Musikk i Skolen (MiS) was established in 1956 as an initiative to strengthen arts subjects in Norwegian education. Today we have more than 1300 members representing around 20000 individuals. Our members consist of music groups for and with children and young adults, schools, municipal music and performing arts schools, universities, kindergartens, choirs, orchestras and other cultural organisations.


According to the results of the latest international PISA survey, the arts field in education has deteriorated dramatically during the last decade. Therefore our main goal is to strengthen music in particular, and the arts in general, in schools and to consolidate the position of the creative subjects in the Norwegian education system, as well as helping politicians and local school authorities to better appreciate the value of arts subjects.


We strive to achieve our goal through political work, articles, and political memos. We also develop and arrange seminars for teachers and schools; we produce teaching material, and arrange conferences and excursions that can inspire teachers and faculties in their daily work.


One of our projects is ‘Singing Schools’; an educational program aimed at children in Norwegian elementary school, inspired by the British program ‘SingUp’. This project seeks to create a positive learning environment through song. We want to make everyone (students, teachers, other staff and parents) in schools sing more and better. We also hope that more singing in schools will lead to more singing in the local community. Singing Schools is one of five steps in the Norwegian national project ‘Krafttak for sang’ whose vision is a singing society where all people can experience joy, creativity, identity, good health and self-development through song.


Another focus point of Musikk i Skolen is the project ‘SKA’ ('Skolen som kulturarena', which directly translates as ‘the school as a cultural arena’). This project aims to strengthen the position of the school as an important and relevant arena for cultural activities, both during and after teaching hours. We encourage an integrated approach to school and leisure time, and promote the importance of cooperation between schools and other allies such as relevant organisations, artists, parents and municipal music and performing arts schools. We believe that such partnerships can create valuable local arenas for young people’s cultural activities.


We also provide annual financial support for the activities of our member groups through the national ‘Frifond’ program. This financial program supports activities for children and young people under the age of 26 that take place in their free time (mostly after-school activities).


Musikk i Skolen is also involved in many other national and international projects. For example, MiS is part of the Singing Nations Network, which recently received substantial funding from the EU in order to establish a network of ‘singing cities’ in Europe.



Contact information:

Musikk i Skolen / Music at Schools

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General Manager: Ulrika Bergroth-Plur

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